Audit and assurance

At Simpson Wreford & Partners, our audit work is focussed on the needs of the organisation to provide a high-quality service that adds value. Our team place emphasis on providing you with clear communication, whilst setting realistic and achievable timelines. We understand that an audit can be a disruptive process, so our engagements are efficient and professional, allowing your team to continue with their day-to-day activities.

We are experienced in the provision audit services to all types of organisations, from limited companies and PLCs to charitable and not-for-profit entities.

Financial and statutory audits

We will provide you with an independent assessment of your financial records, and of your internal controls and procedures, whilst providing advice and recommendations for improvements.

Our audit team will undertake a detailed review of your organisation and the sector or area you operate within. This will allow us to focus our work and provide advice that is specific and useful. Our goal is to provide long-lasting value to your organisation, whilst providing an opinion that your stakeholders can be confident in.

Assurance services

Our specialist audit and assurance team can carry out various types of assurance work, including:

  • Grant audits
  • Funder audits
  • Internal audit and compliance
  • Due diligence assignments.

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